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The following is a sample of successful case results that Attorney Kevin M. Ruckle has helped obtain for clients over the last several years. Every case is unique, and you may not obtain similar results in your case. Call for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to discuss the specifics of your case.


Client fractured her knee cap resulting in surgery when she slipped and fell on an excessively slippery floor surface in the parking garage of her apartment complex


Trip and fall over a speed bump in a parking lot complex resulting in a left elbow fracture. 


Client sustained lower back herniations when another driver ran a stop sign.


Client slipped and fell at a local airport resulting in knee surgery. 


Client suffered multiple fractures and herniations to her upper extremities when she was ran over while traversing a parking lot.


Client was assaulted by another patron while at a local bar, causing her knee to twist resulting in surgery.


Client suffered multiple neck herniations when another driver ran a red light.


Client sustained neck herniations when he was t-boned by another driver.


Slip and fall at a local boat show.


Client sustained neck herniations and multiple lacerations during a motorcycle accident.


Client suffered multiple neck and back herniations when another driver rear-ended her and fled the scene.


Client suffered burns to her thigh and leg when she spilled excessively hot coffee on her lap.

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